Stuff you never knew you needed but must have right now!

 Pleun presents some solutions to common problems.

Giant Microbes!

giant microbesEver read the papers or watch television and wonder what those sensationally horrible ilnesses actually look like? Well now is the time to find out! I am sure you never thought they looked cute and cuddly like this. From a common Earache to Typhoid Fever we have them all! So make sure you collect these adorable Giant Microbes, no home can be without at least one. Only € 9.99



Animal Hands!

monster-hands-and-animal-hands-by-hector-serrano7Don’t you ever feel like your hand looks boring and dull? Do you want to make them look great but lack the necessary artistic flair? I know I feel like that all the time so now we give you Animal Hands from the studio of designer Hector Serrano! Make your hand look like a zebra, crocodile or even a shark and be the center of attention with your friends! We also have Monster Hands from the same makers Only € 4.50 get it while its hot!


The Rabbit With Big Pointy Teeth!

rabbit pointy teethDo you need to scare small children on a regular basis? Are your arms just not getting the message across? From the Monty Python film the Holy Grail we bring you The Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth puppet. Never let this rabbit out of its cage unattended. If you do you know it’s gonna hurt someone! It’s the hand puppet no hand should be without. € 24.99 (Please Note: Use at own risk. The American Book Center cannot be held responsible for limbs lost while operating The Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth.)



blue q gum

Ever offered someone gum embarrassed about the boring packaging? Right now you never have to be embarrassed again with our super gum from Blue Q. Great packaging ( insert photo ) and yummy flavors are not they only great things about this gum – it will change your life! Guaranteeed! Buy Gum! Your life – and breath – will never be the same again! Only € 1.50!

These weird and wonderful items can be found on the first floor in Amsterdam, and in Den Haag next to the Manga and the Popular Classics sections.

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