You Review: The Third Angel by Alice Hoffman

Reviewed by Marjolein Balmyou-review-elite-button1.jpg

third-angel.jpgThe Third Angel is a complex story of three women in love with the wrong men.

In the first chapter we read about Madeleine Heller, who has a secret relationship with her sisters seriously ill fiance. In the second chapter the main character is Frida, who becomes the muse of an addicted and ill rock-star. And in the third chapter we read about Bryn Evans, who is going to marry soon, while she still is secretly in love with her ex-husband. The spill of the novel is Lucy Green, who has seen a terrible accident happen when she was twelve years old, and she blames herself for letting it happen. The lives of all the women in this book connect all in a way to each other. This all takes place in different times in London’s King’s Road, Knightsbridge, and Kensington. The Third Angel is a good book in my opinion. But I think it could have been better. I missed some action in the book and that made it sometimes a bit slow to read. Besides that it is a nice book to read about different women in different times.marjolein.jpgYou Review is written by real people, like you. These aren’t pseudonyms for the publishers’ marketing departments, the authors, or the authors’ friends. You Reviewers aren’t paid by the publisher to write a good review. They’re regular customers and ABC staff giving their real, honest opinions. If you’d like to be a You Reviewer, get free books and earn gift vouchers, you can! Just keep an eye out for our regular You Review updates, read the rules, sign up for a book, and off you go!

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