Bicycle Mania

The Dutch are bicycle crazy, but never before has anyone captured the essence of the Dutch cycling culture – until now.

American photojournalist Shirley Agudo – a long-term resident of the Netherlands – captures it all in her new photo-book full of surprising and humorous images: Bicycle Mania.


Depicted are people transporting ‘anything and everything’ on their bikes – from tables and mattresses to the wildly popular bakfiets overflowing with children – along with witty and bizarre bike designs, and the practical (and not so practical) side of a country having more bicycles than people.

Old, young, barely-walking and, yes, even naked cyclists have been captured in all their glory in Shirley Agudo’s fascinating volume of photography and facts about the Dutch cycling mania.

Shirley and contributing photographers Trevor Waldron, Ben Deiman and Max Rubenacker take us along some of the 29,000 kilometers (18,000 miles) of bike paths and into the heart of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities to show us how pervasive, practical and incredible the Dutch cycling culture really is.

It’s all here – the history, the infrastructure, the mentality and the global reputation of a culture gone completely mad about bikes.

Bicycle Mania is a great gift book for anyone interested in the world’s best cycling culture. Included are practical ‘Rules of the Road,’ ‘The Lowdown on Fines,’ and many more handy tips, plus a wealth of cycling-related websites.

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