Win the new Bach-Bukowski CD!

As a young boy Willem van Ekeren admired the music of J.S. Bach. In the nineties he also became captivated by the poems of Charles Bukowski, an internationally famous American writer of contemporary prose and poetry. It became apparent to Willem that he had to combine the words of Bukowski with the music of Bach.

On his latest CD, Walking and Living Through This, the poems of Bukowski’s The Last Night of the Earth Poems are woven together with parts of the Well-Tempered Clavier of Bach. The lyrics are sung blues/jazz style in combination with authentic Bach music on the piano.

The result is an extraordinary mixture of piano and singing through which Bach‘s baroque music and Bukowski’s hard-driven lines sound simultaneously.

Curious? You can hear and see the results in the videos on the Bach-Bukowski site.

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We have three copies of Walking and Living Through This to give away!

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