Top 5 recent thrillers

Pleun picks five recent book from the Amsterdam Crime section for us.

1. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Probably the best crime novel to come out so far this year. Because of Libby’s testimony 20 years ago her brother Ben was sentenced to prison for murdering the family. But did he really do it?

2. Missing by Jane Casey
I love a good psychological thriller and this one is topnotch. A young girl is gone missing which brings back memories for Sara and it is not only memories that come back.

3. The Killing Place (aka Ice Cold) by Tess Gerritsen
Tess Gerritsen is always a favorite beach read of mine and this year she does not disappoint. Jane Rizzoli finds herself in cold and snowy Wyoming in search of her lost friend. What happens there will have your temperature rising.

4. Scent of a Killer by Kevin Lewis
In London three men are found with their heads cut off and  torsos mutilated. DI Stacey Collins gets on the job and finds out that these three men themselves all been heavy criminals and predators. A real page turner with a big moral dilemma.

5. The Lion by Nelson DeMille
We had to wait a decade for this followup of The Lion’s Game but The Lion is worth the wait. A truly exciting read that will put you in a whirlwind of adventure and emotions. John Cory is back but so is Khalil!!