Staff Review: A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore

Reviewed by Simone

Having never read anything by Lorrie Moore before, A Gate at the Stairs was a wonderful surprise! It has been a long time since I was so pleasantly surprised by an author.

Right from the beginning of the novel, I was charmed by the character of Tassie, with her quick wit and her unique responses to other people and situations.

The storyline is enriched by memories of her childhood, by funny references to other situations, making every page an absolute joy to read.

The story is as follows: Tassie is looking for work as a babysitter, and is hired by Sarah and Edward as a nanny, who are about to adopt a baby. Tassie is at the same time also following courses at university, and meets Reynaldo, whom she starts visiting more often. The adoption is causing a lot of friction for Sarah and Edward, in their own relationship, but also with their surroundings. Tassie visits her family at the farm where she grew up, and finds out her brother is joining the army. There is turmoil in her personal life, in her family and in the family where she works. All in all, Tassie has to deal with quite a lot.

Because of Tassie’s unique way of dealing with things, the story just pulls you in, and I was unable to put the book down. Both the funny, light situations and the emotional, tougher situations are well written, and the cocktail of the many events and situations make this book a joy to read.

I am very motivated to try another one of Lorrie Moore’s books and have already selected a second book: Anagrams.

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