You Review: 61 Hours by Lee Child

Reviewed by Andrée Walch

I was one of the lucky ones who won one of the signed copies of this book given away on Do You Read Me? in June. 🙂

Lee Child has already written a whole bunch of stories with Jack Reacher, a former military but this is the very first one I ever read from this author. And it will definitely not be the last one, I’ll go and buy some more, that’s sure.

61 Hours starts with Jack Reacher on a bus with a group of elderly people going on a trip to Mount Rushmore. There is a huge snow storm and the bus has an accident, leaving the passengers  stranded in a little town in South Dakota; a town which will soon have a brand new prison.

Jack Reacher travels light, has no luggage and no clothes: he buys four days worth at a time, then throws them away and starts anew. Well, why not? It is definitely a change to the other thriller heroes.

Reacher notices that there is something going on in this little town, something weird. He finally finds out that they are expecting a killer to come and get rid of an old lady who was the key witness of a drug deal.

The story is well written, with great suspense. There is a running count down at the end of each chapter,  and this increases the suspense even more. At the end, when there are only minutes left for … what? A huge inferno, Reacher being caught in it – or isn’t he?

I turned the pages, excited and wanting to know what would happen next. But then came the terrible words: TO BE CONTINUED! I was grumbling and chuckling at the same time. That is so unfair! But hey, in September the continuation (Worth Dying For) will be on the market. I can hardy wait…

61 Hours is a book I warmly recommend to all Jack Reacher fans as well as to anyone wanting to read a good thriller.

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