Construction Site Update

A week ago I posted a notice about the upcoming placement of new shelves along a wall at ABC Den HaagAs you can see, things look slightly different (and hopefully more streamlined!) now:

We’re still working on reshelving all the titles there.  The only section still missing most of its books is Art, but that ought to be back to its usual self this weekend, too. 

If you’ve visited our store this past week: thank you for your patience!  It’s been very hectic and even more messy than usual.  🙂

You may also have noticed a few section tweaks – Fashion and Beauty now has its own set of shelves, and Pets and Gardening have been added to the section with Crafts.  The Art section has expanded, and includes tattoo books, street art, and photography now (previously housed by the stairs).  And the Graphic Novel section has moved around the corner of its previous location, and will now be next to the Manga section.

The only sections that are still homeless are Manga, Stationary/Blank Books and Games.  This coming Monday their shelves will be put up, and everyone should be settled into their new homes Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Which also means we’ll finally be able to put up our feet and rest our aching backs.  Whoever said working in a bookstore is not physical labor has obviously never tried it.  🙂