ABC Meets: graphic novelists Abby Denson and Tim Fish

Ground-breaking American graphic novelists Abby Denson and Tim Fish will sign at The American Book Center on Thursday February 3rd at an event including readings and a Q and A.

In addition to speaking about their original LGBT-friendly works including Tough Love: High School Confidential, Love is the Reason, Dolltopia and Calvacade of Boys, they will discuss their work in mainstream American comics for such titles as Amazing Spider-Man Family, Simpsons Comics, and X-Men: Nation X!

You can see a preview of Dolltopia here, and see Tim’s sketches on his blog.

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Lulu Award-winning cartoonist Abby Denson is the creator of popular LGBT youth drama Tough Love: High School Confidential, and now the punked-up Barbies and stripped-down Kens of her Moonbeam Award winning book Dolltopia Having written scripts for Archie Comics (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), DC Comics (Powerpuff Girls), Simpsons Comics, and Marvel (Amazing Spider-Man Family and Girl Comics), teaching comic book classes and playing in a whole host of punk bands, Abby has now gone back to her roots and returned to her childhood habit of making her dolls ‘different’ and setting them free from their predetermined fates.

Dolltopia is the story of Kitty, a ballerina doll forced into a not-so-happily-ever-after living arrangement with a male jock toy. Filled with discontent, Kitty takes it upon herself to escape her human-imposed domesticity and create a new life and a new image for herself away from the persecution of the human world. On this mission, she finds not only a host of like-minded individuals, but a veritable heaven for the alternative doll: Dolltopia.

It’s not all child’s play though: Abby’s comics explore themes of identity, individuality and making a mark within a society that seeks to sterilize and monopolize. Dolltopia is a smart and sassy allegory for modern life and the need for self-expression, with reference to such hot topics as queer politics, feminism, plastic surgery, depression, and even the free will debate arising from the creator-creation relationship.

Joining Abby is Tim Fish, writer and artist of the soapy gay romance series Cavalcade of Boys and its subsequent graphic novels, including Love is the Reason, a collection of darker vignettes, and Trust/Truth, a romantic comedy. Treating his cast as real people, and not stereotypes, Fish’s stories are a favorite among readers.

Comic stories by Fish have been published in newspapers, magazines, by Oni Press, and by Marvel Comics. Fish wrote and drew “LDR” in Marvel’s Nation X #2, in which the company’s premiere gay character, Northstar, was given an official boyfriend for the time in the character’s history.

Fish has exhibited at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême for the past several years, and has spoken on the topic of LGBT comics at the festival, as well as in Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Reykjavik, and Stockholm.