You Review: And I Shall Have Some Peace There by Margaret Roach

Reviewed by Jaya Rai

In these times of hyperactive lives that most of us lead, some of us harbor the intense urge to escape being the needle in a magnetic world, to schedule the calendar rather than being scheduled.

Margaret Roach is one such person. And I Shall Have Some Peace There is a memoir of a woman who dares to swap a materially successful career for a humble dream. In spite of a high profile publishing career in New York, Margaret nurtured a vision to discover life at its own pace. For years, she maintained her sane side by indulging in her passion for gardening in a rural haven of hers. During the weekends she would disappear in her world of flora and fauna to regain the inner balance and a sense of being.

This memoir doesn’t offer fantastical anecdotes or parades achievements. It is an engaging dialogue of a person slowly coming to terms with a new beginning in life. She luxuriates in the vast space and time at her disposal now, where even taking a shower at your own sweet pace feels like a luxury. She communes with the nature and tries to find meaning in its liminal messages. Since her transition into to this new life was not abrupt, we don’t get to read about her withdrawal symptoms .

Moreover, Margaret is a person who had a spiritual side and in this new rural setup she gets the right setup to muse and mull. She is an avid gardener and working with the plants enriches her spiritual well-being. So this book provides a peep into her solitary yet friendly world of cat, bullfrogs, woodpeckers, spiders and what have you and the slowly unfolding chapter in this changed circumstances of her life.

I would recommend this book to those who wish to pursue their other dreams and are, even after years of desiring, so caught up that they never find time/motivation to do so. A perusal of this book will give them a glimpse of what is it like to finally let go and take the plunge.

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