ABC Espresso Book Machine: Part Two!

ABC’s second (yes, second!) Espresso Book Machine will be the main attraction at the Mind the Book Festival in Antwerpen on March 4th, 5th and 6th.

Mind The Book fills the gap left after the demise of the long-running Het Andere Boek festival. The event focuses on literary non-fiction with an emphasis on current affairs.

Jason Epstein, the mover behind this revolutionary machine and its vast data network, will be a featured speaker. Umberto Eco will also make an appearance.

Of course, ABC will be there to sell books but also to answer questions about how to find and make long-lost titles, or how to turn your own manuscript into a book at minimal cost.

After the festival, EBM2 will be installed in our store in The Hague. Once our staff feel comfortably well-trained, you’ll be welcome to come see how it works and help us explore new possibilities with this bookmaker in a shop.