ABC Meets: Photographer Louise te Poele

“I look at people and just click. That’s the magic of the moment. But I pay extra attention to the details.”

Louise te Poele will present her new book Famers at ABC Amsterdam on Saturday March 26th at 3pm

Te Poele’s photographs come from her fascination with people. She picks out unusual characteristics, peculiarities that make up the individual. Acquaintances, strangers, family, casual passers-by; she is looking for the eccentric, the outstanding. Therein lies the beauty of every human.

For Farmers she took portraits of the inhabitants of her own village, in the Achterhoek.

“I took the people from my birthplace as a starting point for this series. When I first photographed them, I was touched by them. That was at my former neighbor’s 50th birthday party. It cheered me up to watch them party together and see how strongly they resembled each other. I decided to follow them to different parties and weddings and that’s how the series came about. I didn’t portray them posing. That’s where I touch upon documentation photography. By making the background black, the images become dramatic. I did this to remove these headshots from any context.”

“For me it’s about the person, not their surroundings. This way I added a personal interpretation of reality. The headshots become characters, they loom up from the pitch dark backgrounds and evoke images/memories from a distant past. From the date you can tell the photos are very recent and don’t stem from the era they’re referring to.”

You can see Louise talking about her work and her latest project (in Dutch)  on the Dutch TV program Ochtendspits.

Louise te Poele (Winterswijk, 1984) is an artist who works in several different places in Europe. In 2003 she spent a year studying Fashion Design at the ArtEZ institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and in 2004 she continued her study in the Fine Arts Department. She did an internship with photographer Marcel van der Vlugt. In 2009 she received a Starter Stipend from Fronds BKVB (The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture).

Her work has been shown at Made in Arnhem, Invites, Today it’s Me!, an exhibition held in the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (2009). In December 2010 she mounted a solo exhibition in Atelier NaTional and in La Bergerie in Marseilles that will run through April 2011. A solo exhibition of her work was shown at Galerie Bart in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, beginning January 2011.

From 2007 to 2010 Louise was commissioned by ArtEZ Fashion Design to photograph portraits of its graduating students. In 2010 the Royal College of Art in London commissioned her to take the photographs for the catalogue of the Fahion Department final examination class. From July 2010 to January 2011 she lived and worked in Schloss Ringenberg, Germany, as a participant in an artist-in-residence programme.

In 2008 Louise reached the last round for the Arte Laguna international art prize in Venice, and in 2009 she was among the finalists in the Hyères international photography festival in France. In 2010 she won the Raymond Weil Club Member’s Award, an international photography prize.

Louise te Poele is represented by Galerie Bart in Amsterdam: