Learn how to write and publish your book at ABC

Have you always thought you could write a book, but didn’t know how? Or were you so daunted by the thought that you never got very far? There are all kinds of books, not just novels. Writing and publishing one can be a valuable part of your personal branding mix.

We’re putting together a series of workshops and writing clinics showing you how to go all the way from an original idea to holding a real book in your hands!

We’ve invited a host of writing professionals to come to the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam over the next few months to hold workshops. During the series you can learn how to publish your book, and in the process establish your (personal) brand. In a nutshell you will learn which details you need to take into account, from sharing your vision to the distribution process to promotion strategies to the use of social media. Additionally you will learn how to format your manuscript for printing on the Espresso Book Machine at the American Book Center.

The workshops will take place once a month on Saturdays from 11:00 to 1:30pm. The price for each workshop is just €35, and that gets you access to talented, friendly experts who are brimming with ideas and information.

Our next session takes place on Saturday May 7th. Lisa Friedman of The Amsterdam Writing Workshops will show you how to go from a blog to a book.


Books are “born” in different ways; blogs can contribute mightily to finishing a book-length project. In this mini-workshop, Lisa Friedman of the Amsterdam Writing Workshops defines ways of developing your material. The key question: How to blog with a finished book in mind—and get compelling material on the screen and page.

Lisa Friedman studied writing at Columbia University, Poets & Writers, New Dramatists, and The New School. She has earned her living as a writer for more than 20 years. In 2003, she founded The Amsterdam Writing Workshops to help writers thrive.

  • Date: Saturday May 7th 2011
  • Place: The ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam
  • Time: 11.00-13.30
  • Instructor: Lisa Friedman, Amsterdam Writing Workshops
  • Cost: €35. Reservations required. Please write to info@amsterdamwriting.com or call 062 502 0817