ABC Talks To: David Icke


An interview with David Icke by Graham Lusty.

I interviewed David Icke a few days before he was due to give one of his marathon talks at the RAI in Amsterdam. David Icke is the no. 1 best-selling author of ABC’s Controversial Knowledge section. His titles include Human Race Get Off Your Knees, And The Truth Shall Set You Free, and The Biggest Secret. Meeting David gives the impression that he’s a completely down-to-earth, no-nonsense type and thoroughly nice bloke.  At the same time he is someone brave enough to go wherever information leads him and touch on subjects that have brought him great ridicule.

Over the duration of a 10 hour-day at the RAI he addressed a broad range of interrelated subjects he refers to as connecting the dots and touched on topics that include Satanism, shape-shifting reptilians and a new controversial view of something he calls the moon matrix. I have been a follower of his work since the late 90’ s and would say I have a somewhat Ickean perspective on our current reality, although it has sometimes been a long process in digesting and accepting some of the material he has been looking at. His message is one of urgency and a call to action and yet it is also one of great hope for humanity.

Let me ask you a question about the nature of reality.  As I’m representing the American Book Center’s Spiritual Book Club I would like to steer this discussion a little in that direction. I’d like to start with the fact that we are just reading The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda and I’ve read quotes from your books by him and was wondering how fundamentally influenced you may be by his work?

Well, actually, with me it’s the reverse and I think it’s the reverse for a very good reason. Certainly in my journey I came across some of the books and I was picking out particular quotes here and there as I was seeing them but I wasn’t reading them in full. This was a good thing for me because you know, when you go to a psychic, if anybody does, the last thing you do is tell them anything. If you get one of these manipulative types who are trying to pump you for information then it’s time to go out the door. I’ve got a great friend who is extraordinarily psychic and she insists on my telling her nothing. In the same way on my journey, I have come to conclusions through various means and a synchronicity of things that it’s good that you don’t get influenced early on by things that you come across…

This all connects to something that was said to me through the original psychic I met 20 years ago, a lady called Betty Shine. She said to me (while I’m sitting there still as television presenter for the BBC and a national spokesman for the Green Party) that I was going to go out on the world stage and reveal great secrets (and I’m thinking “what the bloody hell…”).  She said she was being told on my behalf that Knowledge will be put into my mind and at other times I’ ll be led to knowledge. This has happened so clearly over the years and it happened with the moon. I was sat in front of my computer and the energy in the room changed, something I learned to recognise very much over the years, and then this very powerful thought went through my mind, not quite a voice but very close – the moon is not what you think it is!

The moon’s not real – it’s not a natural body like you think it is. And then I came across a book, Who Built The Moon. I might have come across that book anytime in the last few years but I’ d never bloody heard of it! But the process about the moon started and I found the book within minutes on the internet, sent for, and read it.

Then a sequence of events started, synchronicities and constant repetitions of ‘ look at this, look at this’ and as a result I came to the conclusion that humans have been manipulated through things coming from the moon suppressing our true mental, emotional and consciousness potential. In effect it was like hacking into a computer and the collective mind, and feeding us certain things all the time. After I’d come to this conclusion I came across these quotes in the Castaneda books about Don Juan Matos, the shaman, talking about the predators and how they’d manipulated humanity and this wonderful line: “They gave us their mind”.

I read this after I came to these conclusions and it was a massive confidence boost for me because you may go with your intuition and the synchronicity of information but it’s also bloody nice when you get a massive confirmation, because it gives you more confidence that this sequence really is telling you something. When I read these lines I thought “Oh my god, that’s extraordinary”.

At this point I mentioned to David that I had been doing my own research on the mystery of the moon and felt similarly excited when I read that he was delving into the subject.

Do you know I’ve been shocked really at how many people have encompassed this idea that there is something wrong with the moon? When I first started coming out about the reptilian thing people said to me: “Did you not realise that people would ridicule ya!” I said: “Do you know, I did! I’m not totally stupid, of course I did!” But you know, you just put the information out there so it can flow.

When you’re born into the world you tend to accept the things that are there as the way things are – and what is there more than the moon – but when you start asking questions about the moon, it’s like… Wow I didn’t know that, in fact it shouldn’t bloody be there… Then you put all these other things together like the tribes that remember that we (humans) go back to before the moon etc. And suddenly it all started to fit because I have been absolutely certain for years and years that these reptilian entities in some way were responsible for the great geological cataclysms on the earth: the Great Flood that the Bible and every ancient culture talks about; the way the earth turned over; great geological events; massive tidal waves and all the rest of it and they talk about the gods, sometimes the serpent gods, doing it, but the big question was how the bloody hell did they do it? Then you consider the moon and start to see what the effect of its appearance would be, and then you start to see how it was done.

My suggestion is that the moon is a massive distortion of reality. Everything in this Universe is waveform information, we see the moon as a physical object because we decode it that way, a hologram, but actually its base form is an information field. So as that information field came into our information field, in what we call our part of the universe, it created a distortion and as it came through into the holographic it distorted the way the earth tilted, it created the seasons as we understand them and interestingly a lot of the ancient legends, not least in Africa, talk about the serpent gods teaching the people about the seasons, the question then is why would they have to teach humanity about seasons if the seasons had been around for ever!

We come back to the idea of suppressing people’s perception of what is possible. So to understand what is happening you have to create a situation where all bets are off, all pre-onceived ideas no longer dictate our sense of reality. We let information be the guide. When you do that, instead of saying, “What do you mean the moon’s not real, that’s stupid!”, you say instead, “Oh, I’m going to pursue this”; and when you follow the information it’s like there’s something really not right about the moon being a natural body. So to allow that process to happen you have to suspend preconceived beliefs about reality which many people won’t do.

Given your position that the moon is a control mechanism for the suppression of humanity and your belief that freedom is on its way, do you see the earth one day without a moon?

I’ll tell you an interesting story even though my jury is still out on all of this. There is a way, clearly (with the moon still in place), because it’s happening. There’s a frequency range which I call “the hack” which is coming from the moon and the idea is to structure society and manipulate humanity to perceive from that frequency range and overwhelmingly pull people into the five senses in terms of their total perception of reality.

So, basically, people play out their life from the perception of the hack and a manufactured reality but as you expand and open your mind and your awareness, you move outside of the frequency range of what I call the moon matrix and it increasingly ceases to influence your sense of reality. So this is a way out because people are now seeing what they didn’t see before because they are moving out of that influence. It’s like the power of subliminal advertising that can control your sense of reality without you realising it because it’s influencing you on a subconscious level. Once the subliminal is pointed out it ceases to influence you and indeed every time you see the advert that’s the first thing you see.

What is the moon doing? It’s subliminally manipulating us. So getting people to see at least the possibility that that’s what’s happening reduces the influence of the moon at a subliminal level because now its in conscious awareness.

But this is the story I find interesting: I was with Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Shaman, in August doing lots of interviews with him to preserve his knowledge and he has an area in his house he calls the temple.  Around the walls are massive paintings that depict ancient legends and prophecies of the future. There was one from a seer who lived 200 years ago who was found as a baby in the bush by an old man lying next to a big male lion. The lion simply walked away rather than attack the old man who then took the baby back to his village. The baby grew up to be a famous seer or prophet and this massive picture on Credo’ s wall depicted many of the predictions from this man who foresaw military aircraft bombing from the sky, cigarettes, monorails and a great stream of things. Up in the right hand corner was this planet-type image and some kind of missile, although not a human-manufactured missile, it was almost like a space debris missile. I asked Credo if this was another prophecy or just for artistic effect and he said “Oh, no, Mr. David, that is the one prophecy that has yet to happen!” He said the man predicted that a missile was going to hit the moon and break it into pieces. Later I heard another prophecy that the moon is eventually removed. And then while I was there in August, NASA announced that the moon was shrinking because they’ d found all these ridges all over the surface which had happened in what they called relatively modern times. The shrinking was forcing land up.

Interestingly, at Tiwanaku in Peru people have written books over the years about this extraordinary place and they talk about all the moon symbolism and there are some that translate the name as, in effect, ‘the place of the doomed satellite’. I wonder that we might have a hell of a shock coming in relation to the moon and I’m sure we are going to hear in the months and years ahead a lot more strange things about it.

I’ve talked to insiders who seem to be genuine and have actually said there’s a shuttle service taking resources from the earth because the moon has no resources of its own and that within it is a parasite society which draws its resources from the target planet. One of the things I speculate about in Human Race Get Off Your Knees is the Sumerian accounts that talk about the Anunnaki coming and how they came to turn humanity into a slave race to serve them and mine gold. My feeling is that something within the mechanism of the moon needs gold.

Then you look at the key family that control the gold market, the Rothschilds, who are at the heart of this. I found it interesting that I’ve heard a number of stories that have started to circulate, one or two in mainstream newspapers in other countries, that they are finding large amounts of what appears to be solid gold ingots that are actually tungsten with a coating of gold. So where’ s the bloody gold gone? People for years have been saying there’s no gold in Fort Knox and until recently the price of gold was set twice a day at the offices of N. M. Rothschild & Sons in the City of London. Then a couple of years ago, in public anyway, they got out of gold all together. There’ s something about gold.

At the end of the interview I asked him about various authors including Bruce Lipton (“very interesting”) and Zecharia Sitchin: He mentioned that he had met Sitchin in Mexico a number of years back and asked him about the serpent gods in relation to the Anunnaki.  Sitchin claims they where an advanced Alien race that had a hand in creating humanity in its current evolutionary stage through genetic manipulation by using some of their own gene strain (‘we are made in the image of the gods’). David said about the meeting:

I found it strange as Sitchin was very uncommunicative and I introduced the whole reptilian thing and the serpent gods and I was very surprised because he said to me, “What do you mean serpent gods? Where’ s the evidence in the ancient world about them?”  Well, it’s legion, and he became even more uncommunicative at this point. A little later during this very stilted conversation which was now on an entirely different subject, he suddenly out of nowhere leaned over and said, “The serpent gods.”  I said “Yes,” and he said, “Don’t go there!”

David Icke will return to the RAI in Amsterdam in December 2011.  For more information, see .