How to get your ticket for ABC Meets: Stephen Fry (sold out)

Stephen Fry coming to Amsterdam is a huge event and it’s generated an enormous amount of interest. I’m sure Mr Fry, in his usual self-effacing manner, would be shocked that so many of the good people of The Netherlands are clamoring to come and see him.

We’ve been, not overwhelmed exactly, but a little bowled over by the number of phone calls and e-mails we’ve had from people wanting tickets. So we’ve tweaked the way in which tickets will be sold just a little bit, to make it easier – and fairer – on everyone, including us.

Here’s how to get your ticket:

1. You can come buy your ticket on Monday May 9th at 11am in our Amsterdam store. That’s the easiest way and we really do hope that that is how most people will buy their ticket. If you can’t come yourself,  bribe your daughter, friend, aunt, mother or granny to come for you. There are a lot of people who want to come to this event, and a limited number of seats available. We have a feeling that coming to the store early will be the best way to make sure you get a seat.

2. You can also call us, from Monday May 9th at 11am to order a ticket and have it sent to our store in The Hague. These tickets MUST be collected and paid for by 1pm on Monday May 16th. Any tickets remaining after that time will be sold to someone else. There’s no extra charge for this service.

3. As a last resort, you can also order your tickets by phone and have then sent to your home address. We’ll send you an invoice for €8, PLUS a handling and administration fee of €3.95. You’ll have a week to make your payment, and then your tickets will be mailed to you within three weeks. Any unpaid tickets will be sold to someone else.

And if you don’t succeed this time, sign up for our monthly newsletter – in June’s issue we’ll be giving away 3 pairs of tickets. 🙂

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