Two Steps Closer to Publishing My Own Book

Anna Gogoman participated in the From Blog to Book workshop led by Lisa Friedman from Amsterdam Writing Workshops at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam last week.  She wrote a blog post about her experiences, which proved very inspiring.  She has graciously allowed us to republish her post here, but you can find the original at her own blog,, where she documents her experiences on her journey to find, in the paraphrased words of Harvey MacKay, “something she loves to do, so she never has to work a day in her life.”

Two steps closer to publishing a book

Yesterday I participated in my first writing workshop. The workshop only took 2.5 hours but it was long enough to give me useful insights what it takes to write a book: a concept, structure, a character, a backstory etc. And that’s definitely one of my goals: to publish my own book.

And with the help of the Espresso Book Machine, this dream comes very close.

At the end of the workshop we walked over to the American Book Center in Amsterdam where on the second floor of the store you can find the Espresso Book Machine, the best friend of every writer. It is a super-fast, high quality book-printing machine that is excellent for self-publishing purposes. And as long it takes you to drink an espresso as long it takes to print your book. And everything happens in front of your eyes!

We saw a demonstration and the result is perfect! It is not so strange that so many authors start crying when they finally get to hold the very first copy of their own book in their hands, still warm. It’s like a father who participates at the birth of his child. I can’t wait to hold my first warm copy in my hand.

The only thing you need in order to have your book printed is:

  • A pdf file of your book block (currently only black and white printing is possible)
  • A pdf file of your cover in A3 form (printed in color)
  • An ISBN number (The American Book Center can apply for one for you. This takes about 3 days and costs 25 euro.)(Blogmistress’s note: you do NOT need an ISBN to have your book printed; you only need one if you want your book to be for sale in bookstores or printed on any of the other EBMs in the rest of the world.)

The first book will cost you 25 euro, every other book 12.5 euro (up to 200 pages)!! And you get a 20% discount if you order more than 40 books. And the American Book Center will display one of the copies in the (online) shop.

I haven’t done market research at all but these prices seem ok to me, especially because you save the money for a publisher. And one other very good things about the Espresso Book Machine is, that you can choose to print it in any of the other locations in the world where there is an Espresso Book Machine, like the States, Japan, etc. So if you have an order in New York for example you can print the books there and save the shipping costs!

So after the workshop and the visit of the Espresso Book Machine I feel that I am suddenly two steps closer to holding my own book in my hands! Now it’s only a matter of starting to write!

In order to get me into the writing mood I promised myself to write something every day, no matter what and irrespective of if I will ever publish it. A diary entry, a draft blog post, a reaction to an article, a draft of my first book chapter, everything is fine since it gets my production line going. And I will be writing before checking my e-mails, doing some phone calls, checking facebook etc.

If you’re planning to publish a book, check out the Espresso Book Machine. It just might be the right solution for you too.