You write it, we’ll sell it for you!

We’ve told you all about our Espresso Book Machine (EBM) before, about how it brings out-of-print books back in print, and about how you can use it to make your own books. Now we’re taking the next step: If you’re an author and you have a book that you think would sell if only you could get it out into the world and into stores, we have great news for you!

It’s now possible to print your books on the EBM and sell them through The American Book Center.

Your books will  be available on our website and in both of our stores for printing on the EBM. That means, for example, you can direct traffic from your own website to your book’s page in our webshop. Your customers can then buy the book, which will be freshly printed for them. They can collect it in our store or have it sent to their address. We’ll handle the whole transaction, and you’ll receive a previously agreed upon amount for each copy we sell.

It doesn’t matter what language your book is in by the way – we can print any text, and black and white images.  (If your book is in a non-Latin script like Arabic, Chinese or Hebrew, please make sure you read our submission guidelines carefully.)

Our buyers will also select some of the books printed in this way to be showcased in out stores: real books on real shelves for our customers to pick up and browse through.

How does it all work?

You will need to have your book pre-formatted for the EBM – see instructions for that on out site. (In English or Dutch) Should you have trouble formatting your document, we can refer you to an external designer who will send you an estimate for converting the document for you.

You will also need an ISBN for your book. If you don’t have one, we can arrange one for you. This costs €25 and takes about four days. You’ll receive an image file of an ISBN barcode which you can add to your cover image.

Two documents will need to be signed. One is a declaration that none of  your printed materials are all yours and don’t infringe on anyone else’s copyright. The other is a release that covers payment and gives us permission to sell your book. There is no exclusivity: you can also sell your book through other channels at the same time.

A system to sell your books through Espress Book Machines all over the world is still in the works and an announcement will be made when this is up and running.

We often hold workshops for writers on various topics including how to write and publish for the EBM. Check our EBM updates for the latest workshops.

If you have any further questions, or want to start selling your book through The American Book Center, send an e-mail to