The Espresso Book Machine and YOU!

Some Novel (but non-fiction) Ideas

We expected to print lots of novels on our Espresso Book Machine, and we have; from established authors, and self-published authors  as old as eighty and as young as eleven! But it’s also being used for so many other things, like handbooks and guides, memoires and histories. We’ve been amazed by the range of books we’ve been asked to print!

So even if you are not writing a novel, you can still get in on the print revolution. Here are some ideas of how you can use the Espresso Book Machine.

Some publishing ideas:

  • Present your thesis or doctorate in an appealing and professional way.
  • Put together a book for a special event: someone’s birthday, wedding or retirement, graduation, leaving do, anniversary…
  • Collate a book about your family history.
  • Assemble a selection of your blog posts or correspondence.
  • Publish your travel journal or diary.
  • If you’re a teacher or part of a writing club: have a little writing project and get the stories printed as a booklet.

We are able to sell your book through our stores, and on our website, with an option to sell it worldwide coming up. If you have any further questions or want to start selling your book through The American Book Center, send an e-mail to There’s an FAQ with the most common questions on our website.

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