Brandon Sanderson drops by ABC Amsterdam

So, what does a best-selling fantasy author do when he misses his connecting flight to Oslo and is suddenly faced with an 8-hour layover at Schiphol Airport?

Well, if he’s Brandon Sanderson, author of the Mistborn series and – of course – the final three* The Wheel of Time books begun by the late Robert Jordan, he tweets his Dutch fans and has an impromptu mosey around and dinner in Amsterdam with them.  Thankfully they also stopped by ABC Amsterdam, where our esteemed colleagues snapped a picture of the happy three!

See that pen in his hand?  Yes, he signed all his books, and left little gifts in some of them, too!  Only at ABC Amsterdam, though – hopefully he’ll stop by ABC Den Haag on his next missed flight!  😉

Thank you Mr. Sanderson (@BrandSanderson, handy to follow for these kinds of impromptu things!) for stopping by, and thank you to his wonderful fans Martijn (@MartijnVeldkamp) and Anouk (@ElanorRF) for bringing him to us (that’s them on the picture with Brandon!).  We really hope all three will come by again for a proper signing session in the future.

Please note: Yes, this is only one picture, and more were made.  More will be put up as Hayley or I can get at them – hopefully tomorrow or Friday!  See Brandon Sanderson’s Facebook page for more, too.

*the third and last book in the series, A Memory of Light, has a publication date somewhere in 2012, and is not yet in our database.  So I couldn’t link to it, alas.  🙂