Every good bookstore should have a bookstore cat…

Every good bookstore should have a bookstore cat, but for various reasons, at ABC we’re not able to have one. (Though we do have the adorably grumpy Alley over at the Treehouse who we can visit if we’re in need of some fuzzy love.)

So we were secretly pleased when this curious, scruffy tabby popped into our Amsterdam store.

Manuel (or at least that’s what his tag says he’s called) came for the afternoon from one of the nearby bars, probably looking for a bit of peace and quiet away from the tourists. Either that or he’s hoping that if he hangs around our office long enough, we’ll give him a job as plant trimmer or paper organizer. 😉 He’s popped by just about every day since, and none of us can bear to kick him out.  He’s far too bolshy to be put off by a mere kicking out anyway – we try, but no matter how far away we carry him, he trots right back. (If we all keep taking his photo as often as we do, he may get sick of us and leave of his own accord. But until then, we rather like having him around. 🙂 )