ABC Meets: Design guru, Wallpaper editor Henrietta Thompson

Designers have been rummaging in skips for materials and inspiration for as long as there have been skips to rummage in.

Today, driven by the dual need to save money as well as the planet, they are rummaging more than ever before, and on a worldwide scale to produce some truly inspiring work.

Henrietta Thompson, author of the bestselling book Remake It: Home, former design editor of Wallpaper (now editor-at-large ) will vist ABC Amsterdam to tell us more about upcycling.

She’ll give an introduction to how the professionals’ approach upcycling, including a history of the best, most relevant and most exciting and enduring upcycling ideas we’ve seen to date, what’s going on now, where and how, as well as an introduction to four major new trends for the future.

You’ll find more information on Henrietta Thompson and Remake It: Home on the Thames and Hudson website.