Meet the You Review Elite

If you’ve ever noticed this logo on a review on this blog, you might have wondered what it means. Click on it: it will take you to all the reviews by Do You Read Me?’s most prolific and book-addicted customer reviewers.  🙂

The You Review Elite is just a cheesey hyperbolic name for the customer reviewers who consistently give us good reviews and get them in on time, and are nice to deal with. You can count on our elite reviewers to be opinionated and well-read, and to write reviews that will make you want to read (or in many cases avoid!) the newest books.

Being a member of the You Review Elite not only earns you a special button on the blog next to your name, showing everyone how special you are (oooh!), but as a thank you for being fabulous, it also comes with the perk of (usually) being given priority for your first choice of book from the latest round. There are also these occasional extra perks:

  • sneak peeks of upcoming rounds
  • extra books picked just for you
  • being able to make special requests of upcoming books not in the review program.

There’s no set way to get on the Elite list – if you make it, we’ll let you know. 😉 Our current You Review Elite are:

Andrée Walch

Em Angevaare

Marjolein Balm

Nathan van der Waa

Stefanie Rosenboom

We have far more than just five regular reviewers of course, and some of our other regular contributors have deserved that button for quite a while. So today we’re welcoming five new names to the list of ABC customers who love to read and review free books. Thank you to all these people for your enthusiasm and great reviews! We’ll be adding the snazzy button to all your reviews soon, and you’ll get a sneak peak of the next round!:

Anouschka van Leeuwen

David Young

Katherine Matthews

Eefje Koppers

Natalie Gerritsen