Fiction is an adventure with The Holland Times

It has never been done before. Ten different writers coming together to submit 10 different chapters to the same story. Starting blindly, without constraints and with unlimited possibilities, each writer contributes their own vision to the plot-twists, protagonist dilemmas and antagonist anarchy.

This is exactly the literary adventure The Holland Times has taken readers on since March of this year with the first ever Flash Fiction story series: A Bird’s Eye View.”

In a very special creative writing experiment, the magazine invited writers to pen individual 1,000-word chapters. Leaping from the twists and turns laid out before them, each chapter is a journey trough the unique writing styles and imaginations of some of Holland’s most talented writers.

No one yet knows the destiny of our characters, how they will manage the mess they are in – or if they will make it out alive. It all comes to a head in December with the final installment of the series.

To celebrate the culmination of this Flash Fiction experiment, The Holland Times has teamed up with The American Book Center to give everyone a chance to experience the adventure. Using their revolutionary Espresso Book Machine, the entire series will be printed presented in novel form.

Add original imagery from Amsterdam artist Dennis Dietrich, and “A Bird’s Eye View” comes alive as a fascinating tale made possible by the cooperation of the international community.

The Holland Times looks forward to revealing this literary achievement to readers in its complete form when we launch “A Bird’s Eye View” this December at The American Book Center on the ABC Espresso Book Machine.

And the excitement continues to grow as we anticipate next year’s Flash Fiction adventure. We hope you will join us for the ride!

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