You Review: Ian Flemings’s Commandos By Nicholas Rankin

Reviewed by Jaya Rai

Ian Fleming’s Commandos by Nicholas Rankin is a historical and mosaic account of the various Intelligence gathering activities of the British during World War II. Ian Fleming, who is appointed as the personal assistant to the director of Naval Intelligence , has an active role in manoeuvering the intelligence warfare and deploying an elite group of Royal Marines to pinch secret and important data from the enemy in the battlefield. The author believes that Ian’s stint as a Naval intelligence officer had formative impact on him in his creation of the James Bond series.

The book mainly explores the British intelligentsia’s trials and tribulations in decoding the encrypted messages of the German side which is attributed to the specialised Enigma machines used by the Germans. It is highly interesting to read about the strategies and tactics adopted by both sides to gain an upper hand through intelligence mining. It is enlightening to know how various experts are enlisted in this all-out effort to cinch a war. Besides, the book diligently notes the war efforts of the innumerable men who contributed their precious bit.

I savor the book and am sure that even if the reader is not a James Bond or a history fan, he or she will enjoy reading this book.

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