A Delicious Offer from Casa di David and ABC

Casa di David and the American Book Center have a delicious offer for you!

On Thanksgiving 2011, Nicoletta Gezzi launched her memoir Tafel 18 at our store. In the book, she tells the touching and amusing tale of an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam. And over the course of fifty short chapters, it also describes her youth in Italy, her experiences as an expat in an unfamiliar country, the ups and downs of her family life and the location that is more than just a place of work. It is the stage from which she observes the world. She has owned the restaurant Casa di David for 35 years now.

For the rest of July, if you bring your copy of Tafel 18 with you to Casa di David (Singel 426, Amsterdam), together with the receipt from The American Book Center, you will receive a 5% discount on your entire bill!

Copies of Tafel 18 can be bought at both American Book Center locations, where they are printed on the Espresso Book Machine. Please note that the book is written in Dutch.