Gift Ideas: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, Mysteries/Thrillers

Let us be your personal shoppers!

ABC’s booksellers don’t just sell books: as well as being voracious readers, almost all ABC staff members are personally responsible for buying the books for one or more sections in the stores. That means you’ll always find someone who can put exactly the right book in your hands when you need it. We asked our buyers for their tips for the best gifts for the upcoming holiday season, and they came up with some great ones: new books, classic books, magazines, games, merchandise, and stationery.

Today you’ll find gift ideas for Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror and Mysteries & Thrillers as supplied by JeroenW, Ester and Jouke.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

A shameless trip into eighties-nostalgia in the guise of a an exciting and slightly cyberpunky novel about an online treasure hunt. A perfect gift for your friend who still sleeps under his Optimus Prime-covers or your relative who mantains that the Vectrex was the best video game console ever made.

The First Law Trilogy Boxed Set – Joe Abercrombie

Why not celebrate the holiday spirit with a trilogy of violence, intrigue, torture and yet more violence? Fantasy has gone noir in a series not for the squeamish, but perfect for fans of George R. R. Martin. Now for the first time in nice boxed set!

Lands of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin

Looking for a good spot to go skiing with your spearwife? Can’t find you favourite brothel in the alleyways of King’s Landing? Got horse-wrecked and marooned in the Dothraki Sea? Want to find the House of Black and White in Braavos to introduce your mother-in-law to the Many-Faced God? Luckily there’s Lands of Ice and Fire, a set of detailed maps of Westeros and the lands across the sea. Never get lost while getting lost in A Song of Ice and Fire again!

The Parasol Protectorate Boxed Set: Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless and Timeless – Gail Carriger

Do you know someone who likes vampires, werewolves, Victorian London, steampunk and treacle tart? Of course you do, everyone does. Don’t know what to give ‘m? We got you covered!

Blink of the Screen: Collected Short Fiction – Terry Pratchett

A collection of Terry Pratchett’s short fiction, ranging from his schooldays to his enormously successful Discworld universe. A must-have for every fan, with illustrations from Josh Kirby and drawings by the author himself.

The Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien

This is a no-brainer; everyone is going to see the film this holiday season, so why not give them the book so they can point out all the inconsistencies? Also: it’s a fun read.


The Dark Tower Volume 1-4 Boxed Set – Stephen King

King introduced one of his most enigmatic heroes, Roland of Gilead, in this brilliant series. Now the first four books in Roland’s saga are together in this boxed set. Includes “The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands,” and “Wizard and Glass.”

The Twelve – Justin Cronin

In his internationally bestselling and critically acclaimed novel The Passage, Justin Cronin constructed an unforgettable world transformed by a government experiment gone horribly wrong. Now the scope widens and the intensity deepens as the epic story surges forward with . . . The Twelve.

Complete Tales & Poems – Edgar Allan Poe

This collection of 73 short stories and 48 poems includes many masterpieces.

Edward Gorey’s Dracula: A Toy Theatre

Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel took place in the wild Carpathian Mountains, London and rural England, and various places in between. But the Dracula for which Edward Gorey created the set designs reproduced in miniature here–a version that ran to nearly a thousand Broadway performances–compresses the action to one locale: the sanatorium of Dr. Seward, near the town of Purley, somewhere in the English countryside. Based on Edward Gorey’s set and costume designs for his award-winning Broadway production of Dracula, these die-cut, scored, and perforated foldups and foldouts include: 3 pop-up 16 x 12 inch stage sets; cast of 8 (15 figures in all); stage furniture; and a 4-page booklet with exceptionally simple assembly instructions, a synopsis of Gorey’s Broadway adaptation of Dracula, and notes on Edward Gorey (1925-2000) and his many magical creations.

Mysteries & Thrillers

The Bat – Jo Nesbø

Detective Harry Hole is meant to keep out of trouble. A young Norwegian girl taking a gap year in Sydney has been murdered, and Harry has been sent to Australia to assist in any way he can. He’s not supposed to get too involved. When the team unearths a string of unsolved murders and disappearances, nothing will stop Harry from finding out the truth. The hunt for a serial killer is on, but the murderer will talk only to Harry. He might just be the next victim. Appearing in English for the first time, “The Bat” is the legendary first novel from the worldwide phenomenon Jo Nesbø.

The Black Box – Michael Connelly

May 1992, and after four LAPD officers were acquitted after the savage beating of Rodney King, Los Angeles is ablaze. As looting and burning take over the city, law and order are swept away in a tidal wave of violence. But under threat of their lives, homicide detectives like Harry Bosch are still stubbornly trying to do their job. With no effective police presence on the streets, murder just got a whole lot easier – and investigating them got a whole lot harder. (more…)

The Racketeer – John Grisham

“Given the importance of what they do, and the controversies that often surround them, and the violent people they sometimes confront, it is remarkable that in the history of this country only four active federal judges have been murdered.
Judge Raymond Fogletree just became number five.
I did not know Judge Fogletree, but I know who killed him, and why.
I am a lawyer, and I am in prison.
It’s a long story.” (more…)

Citadel – Kate Mosse

Set during World War II in the far south of France, Citadel is a powerful, action-packed mystery that reveals the secrets of the resistance under Nazi occupation. While war blazed in the trenches at the front, back at home a different battle is waged, full of clandestine bravery, treachery and secrets. And as a cell of resistance fighters, codenamed Citadelle, fight for everything they hold dear, their struggle will reveal an older, darker combat being fought in the shadows.