Book Review: The Globalisation of Love by Wendy Williams

Reviewed by Aneesah Bakker

Reading a blurb on The Globalisation of Love, I felt an instant curiosity and interest – and just adored the utopian, all-embracing phrase: “people from everywhere are falling in love with people from everywhere else”.

Excited by the many questions that came to mind and glancing through the table of contents, there was to me an implicit promise of answers on issues such as religion, language, family and location, location, location. Wendy Williams shows a passion for wordplay and who’s to say, perhaps the term GloLo, referencing multicultural relationships, will indeed catch on. Readers are offered the distinction between same-same, different-different and same-but-different relationships. I was inspired to draw up my own personal GloLo Profile, worked out that I am in a different-different relationship and even had fun drawing up my very own top 10 clues that I am in a GloLo relationship.

Occasionally I had the impression that I was reading bits from my language and linguistics course or one or other of my social studies textbooks. But all in all, the author’s wit and humor as she shares rich and colourful anecdotes makes The Globalisation of Love a worthy read.

Reading through the book is very much like being in a multicultural relationship with all its whirls and twirls, quirks and perks, frustration and fun. It will do you well to follow the author’s advice and let go of certain expectations. I particularly enjoyed the many top 10 lists. When I noticed that Heidi Klum and Seal topped the Top 10 GloLo Celebrity Couples, (a topper that dissolved by the time this second edition went to press in Great Britain), I had to smile wondering what humor Wendy would bring to this.

Readers will also come to appreciate Wendy’s thorough approach, entertaining insights and pragmatic optimism.

Wendy Williams will present The Globalisation of Love at ABC Den Haag’s Treehut on Saturday, October 27th, and at ABC Amsterdam’s Treehouse on Sunday, October 28th.