Free Books! Free Vouchers! You Review Round 31!

You have had to wait a good while, but here it is: a brand-new round of You Review books!

What’s You Review, you ask? You Review is ABC’s book-reviewing program where you get free advance reader copies of upcoming books, we all get to read your thoughts on them, and you are rewarded with a € 7,50 ABC Gift Voucher at the very end of it all. Win-win-win! See previous You Reviews if you want to get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Look at the list below which titles are available and see the instructions at the bottom of the post on how to get your free book and that ABC gift voucher to boot. As usual, be nimble and be quick because these always go like hot cakes!

UPDATE 14.2.14 afternoon:  All books have been taken.  Thanks, and happy reading!


Non Fiction:

Fiction (including Mysteries/Thrillers and SF/Fantasy):

Young Adult:

How to get your free book and ABC gift voucher

  1. You can sign up for the You Review program by e-mailing your address, phone number, photo and choice of book to with “You Review”, the round number and the book’s title in the subject line.
  2. Give us some second, third, or even fourth and fifth choices, in case someone has already reserved your first choice but we haven’t had a chance to update this post yet.
  3. Please also tell us whether you would like to collect your book from ABC Amsterdam or ABC The Hague.
  4. The first person to reserve each book will get a free copy. We’ll also reward you with an ABC gift voucher when your review has been posted on the blog.
  5. For the complete You Review rules, see The Boring Bits directly below. Please read them, because Sophie and Ester don’t like having to disappoint people for silly reasons like “no, we can’t send the book to Denmark.” And then we’ll get surly and kick a paper waste container and it will fall over and spill six tons of paper scraps and we’ll have to clean up the mess and the paper will cut our fingers and they’ll bleed and then we’ll have to bandage them and we won’t be able to type ‘RESERVED’ into the post anymore because of the bloody bandages and everyone will think all these books are still available and it will be one big downward spiral of negativity and NOBODY WANTS THAT.

The Boring Bits

  • You Review is open to residents of The Netherlands only.
  • Your review should be in English, and of a reasonable standard. It doesn’t need to be perfect – we’ll do some editing where needed.
  • Send your review to
  • No stealing from other reviews or using your own reviews which have already been published elsewhere.
  • Give an honest opinion – even if you hated the book!
  • Reviews should be between 100 – 400 words long. 250 words is ideal. We reserve the right to change or shorten the review – this would be a first, though.
  • There might be quite a wait between submitting your review and having it published on the blog since we wait for stock to arrive at the store first.
  • We will send you an ABC gift voucher for EUR 7.50 once your review is published on the blog. It can take up to two months between blog publication and voucher – sorry!
  • Still reading this? Awesome sauce.
  • If this is your first time, please submit a photo along with your review. It can be an avatar of some type, too. Feel free to update your photo/avatar with any new review you write.
  • The books are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The book in your hands will be an Uncorrected Proof copy. Images may not be included, there may be some spelling errors, there might be other things slightly off. Don’t panic, this is par for the course and will be corrected by the time the book rolls of the printing press (…one hopes).
  • Turn in your review within the agreed time, please. If you don’t, you will not be able to participate in future rounds (yes, we keep track)(but we’re also very willing to listen to good reasons for not being able to write or finish a review, so mail us if you’re having trouble).
  • The American Book Center reserves the right to re-use your review in other publications (like our monthly News Mailing) – but you are also free to use your review wherever you like.
  • More questions? Please mail