Read the book before you see…

Revolutionary Road: directed by Sam Mendes and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet & Kathy Bates.

The film is based on the book with the same name written by Richard Yates.

It’s 1955 and the couple Frank and April Wheeler try to live as a mediocre suburban family together with their children after living in the city. April is soon dissatisfied with her role as housewife and Frank despises his job. The goal of April is moving to Paris. Frank is all for it, but he gets promoted and the idea is snowed over by routine and dullness. Their marriage is fading through affairs and drinking. The only one who can do something about it is the institutionalized son of a local realtor.

Valkyrie: directed by Bryan Singer and starring Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighly, Eddie Izzard & (Dutch actrice) Clarice van Houten.

The film is not based on one particular book, but on a true story numerous authors have written about. For example: Valkyrie: The plot to kill Hitler by Philipp von Boeselager, Valkyrie: An Insider’s Account of the Plot to Kill Hitler by Hans Bernd Gisevius or Luck of the Devil : the Story of Operation Valkyrie by Ian Kershaw.

The plot of the film is the planning of assasinating Adlof Hitler by a group of German Nazi officers, under leadership of Claus von Stauffenberg, and the happenings in the few hours after.

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