Staff Review: The Girl With All The Gifts – M. R. Carey

Reviewed by Karin

Absolutely loved it! I know I have said this before but I am a sucker for near-future dystopian fiction and The Girl With All The Gifts definitely stilled my hunger… and I didn’t even have to eat anyone 😉

Melanie, the “gifted” girl, Dr. Caldwell, the evil and mad scientist, Miss Justineau, Melanie’s teacher and each other’s lifeline and Parks, the hard-ass sergeant, make this story with lots of heart-stopping action, surprising twists, life and death, love, mercy and yes… zombies (‘Hungries’) a gripping read.

Don’t let the word zombies put you off because this fast-paced and unsettling dystopian novel is foremost about love and redemption, and a coming-of-age story.

The only thing I don’t get is the title of the book: The Girl With All The Gifts. The Special Girl, Hungry or something like it would have worked better for me.

And finally: M.R. Carey is a pen name for an established British writer of prose fiction and comic books. The author also wrote a movie screenplay and it would not surprise me if this book will be made into a Hollywood Blockbuster in the near future. I kept thinking of Dakota Fanning as Melanie when reading but Melanie is only 10 so it has to be another blond, pale, scrawny child actress to bring Melanie alive and make us love her.

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