Lit Links: our irregular round up of random book stuff

1. Hester has been to  the just-opened OBA: the brand spanking new Public Library in Amsterdam and has learned that libraries are cool again:

“Oh my! Man, it’s A-MA-ZING! It’s like an inside-out 3-D- Mac! White, spacious, with many different design chairs in cosy nooks and a lot of white Macs to play with. There’s woollen threads woven into the walls of the Ground Floor. Go touch them! Oh and there are books everywhere, they have a huge collection of art books on display tables … and to TOP it all off, on the top floor, there’s a La Place restaurant, open till 10 o’clock at night, with a great view of Amsterdam, even in winter, with all the city lights turned on! Go check out the kids section, too and sit down in one of those enormous secluded chairs, surrounded by circular bookcases. This is a Booklovers’s Heaven (after you’ve passed ABC)” 

2. Steven found out that Stephen King is most unimpressed with the woman who is giving J.K. Rowling a run for her money: “Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.”

3. Karin was pleasantly surprised to discover that there’s a sci-fi convention devoted exclusively to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series. Conventioneers turning up on Georgia expecting to meet the author will of course be sorely disappointed. Brandon Sanderson will be there though. 🙂 While finding links for this post, I also learned about ‘yiffing’. Thanks a bunch Karin!

4. Amsterdam’s Suspense buyer Pleun has found out about a great author. Now she has lots of copies of Don Winslow’s The Power of the Dog for the Crime Bargains section on the 1st floor for only € 6.99. She says: “You don’t want to put this book down till you read the last page! Great epic crime title about how drugs affect everyone in the US.”

5. Blogmistress Sophie noticed that some famous Dutch people like her Military section in The Hague. 

6. I found out that Emily the Strange isn’t as original as she’d like you to think.