Lit Links: our irregular round up of random book stuff

What we have learned this week:

1. PTRL told us about a new Tolkien that’s coming out in May. A new work that hasn’t been published before! The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun is a reworking of a Norse epic poem, that Tolkien wrote before he even started on The Hobbit. It’s the perfect tale for Tolkien!

2. Sophie is all excited about two newly announced books:  Disconnected by P. J. Tracy (mother-daughter writers duo that pens tight thrillers with a big group of recurring characters) coming out in August 2009. And An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. It’s part 7 in the Outlander series, need I say more?. That’s coming in September. “I loved all the other titles by both (or rather, all three of) these authors, and can heartily recommend them.  Will let you know about the new ones as soon as I get my hands on them!”

3. I learned how to make a purse out of a stack of old books.  It involves carving out the innards of three hardcovers, so you’d best not click that link if you really, really love books. But if you always wished that you could pull off the old fashioned way of carrying your schoolbooks in a bookstrap without it looking like you were just begging for a kick in the pants, then you’re going to really like this one.

4. Sigrid found out why we are so fascinated with US Literature. Actually, the writer doesn’t say why we are so fascinated, more like why she’s personally fascinated. But, that doesn’t matter, because she makes some really good points on the difference in cadence between US and UK English that makes one more attractive than the other.

5. Tiemen is discovering that  Young Adult fiction is a really fun section to buy for. He’s taking this section over in Amsterdam from the beginning of March, but actually he’s doing it already, and doing it really well.

Be nice to him now – put your books back on the shelf neatly so that they don’t tumble down onto the unsuspecting customers on the ground floor!

 7. Pleun found out that Dutch men aren’t quite ready to start working those balls…… of yarn. (Maybe they should read this.)  She’s reluctantly put two great craft titles into her bargain section in Amsterdam this week. First is a great bargain for the credit crunch: Son of Stitch ‘N Bitch – 45 Projects to Knit & Crochet for Men . Another great bargain Pleun has for you is The Knitting Man(ual). Pleun says, “Men are finally playing catch up with knitting and using the crochet needle! So don’t be embarrassed and get up to the first floor craft section and knit. 

8. The new postman bags have arrived! Con Tumely is amused by the fact that the latest edition of the ABC postman bags (free when you spend more than 50 euros, or buy something really heavy or are just very, very nice to us)  is a very fitting financial crisis black.

Personally, I’m sad to see the bright pink/blue edition go, but the black one is really neat. We’ve had: royal blue, bright blue, bright pink, red and bright green bags. Which color should we do next?

9. We found out that the Obama hats and t-shirts are back in stock in both stores! Including sparkly ones with rhinestones on them! We have tonnes of different designs and colors. But be warned – the coolest ones are always the first to go, and we’ve seen lots of ABC staff fondling them covetously.

10. Femke disappointed all the girls and honorary girls at ABC with the news that the divine products in Amsterdam’s Bobbi Brown window are fakes or – yuck! – have already been used on someone else! They will not be distributed among the girly girls. Not even if we make 1000 calorie mascara eyes at her.