ABC’s 42nd Birthday Recap

ABC Amsterdam

Thank you for all the congratulations!  What a gorgeous sunny day we had.  🙂  The mini muffins, balloons and the free books were very much appreciated by you.  A lot of people handed in the €5 Birthday voucher (sent to everyone who subscribes to the News Mailing).  This mail voucher was a test of sorts for us, as well, so we were happy to see that many of you took the trouble to print it out and use it.

ABC The Hague

We had a fun, festive day.  The cupcakes provided by the American Baking Company didn’t last long!  Everyone appreciated the free titles given away and we loved the atmosphere you all brought.

Book Statue on the Spui in Amsterdam

“At 11.30 Rietveld students started making several book sculptures with 3 pallets of books supplied by us. They were supossed to go on building until about 15.30 but at around 14.30 its started to rain (luckily only for about ten minutes) so we decided to start the breakdown/give-away early as we didn’t want good books ruined. It was crazy!  Locals, tourists, people just passing by could not believe we were just giving away books like this and many people walked away with one or a small stack (and of course there were also some people who got real greedy and did not want to share and took lots of books). ABC’s owner Lynn, the Rietveld students and I walked around explaning to people why they could take these books for free and handed out ABC book marks. Within an hour and a half 3 pallets of books were gone! Three small boxes of lonely titles remained and will be donated to a good cause.  You can see lots more pictures on our Flickr page.
Lynn also had to go in to the store to get a new pink John Waters bookmark for a 70 year-old lady, who was upset she lost hers. She said his quote was a great standard to live by! 😉 ” – Karin, ABC’s Marketing Director

“Beste mensen van The American Book Center!

Bedankt voor het prachtige fotoboek van Ansel Adams, een 2-tal romans en een kookboek. Fantastisch leuke geste van The American Book Center gisteren op het Spui in Amsterdam aan alle Amsterdammers en toeristen, waaronder ik.  Zomaar duizenden boeken neerleggen om door iedereen gratis te worden meegenomen. Zodra ik weer in Amsterdam ben kom ik in de winkel gewoon wat kopen.

Groeten, Ria van Bree-Boersma, Rotterdam”

And many thanks to Peter Eijking for making the video below! It gives a great impression of this unique event.