Win a bespoke redesigned classic!

ABC The Hague’s Fiction buyer Simone fell in love with bookbinding a few years ago. She has created so many little treasures now that she can be found manning stalls at craft fairs in her spare time (look for De Papier Handel). A recent project of hers has been to rescue classic books that were falling apart from re-reading. Four of the results can be seen below: To Kill a Mockingbird, Winesburg, Ohio, Pride and Prejudice, and Of Mice and Men (click on each picture to see a bigger version). They are truly one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted gems.

One of these treasures – of your choosing – can be yours, simply by answering the following question:

Which classic in your bookcase would you let Simone give the bespoke redesigned treatment to, and why?

Please mail your answer + which one of the four titles you would like to take home to before October 15th, and include “Bespoke Classics” in the subject header.

The other three titles will be on sale at ABC The Hague for €14,95 after October 15th. If you really do want Simone to work her magic on one of the deserving books in your bookcase then please mail her for more information at