Gift Ideas for Spiritualists

Ready or not, the gift-giving season is upon us! Whether you celebrate Sinterklaas, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or any other opportunity to give presents during the dark days of the winter solstice, we’ve got ideas aplenty. As in previous years, the ABC Staff has looked through their sections and hand-picked various choice literary jewels for your gift-giving pleasure.

We will present these titles in a series of blog posts and recommendation lists throughout the coming month. We hope you will find some inspiration in them, but please remember that these titles only represent a tiny fraction of the books on offer in our stores. Be sure to stop by to see what else there is in the area of your interest!

Today you can find books from our Consciousness, Body/Mind/Spirit, and Religion sections, for those of you who like to look inside (and beyond) to find a way to live in peace, happiness and health.

You can find our gift ideas from previous years here (scroll down a bit to 2013 and beyond), and be sure to have a look at our ABC Favorites, too.


“Locally printed Moon Calendar for every day of the year, in both paper (€ 10) and laminated (€ 15) format.” – ABC Amsterdam’s Consciousness buyer Jilles on Moon Calendar 2015 (left-most image).

“Chew on life’s big questions. Figure out what it means to be human!” – Jilles on SoulPancake.

“The ever inspiring Eckhart Tolle never lets you down in the now.” – Jilles on A New Earth Calendar 2015.

“For spiritual Dutchies.” – ABC Amsterdam EBM Operator Steven on Wuwei, Doen of Niet Doen?.

Body, Mind, Spirit

Ebook available for The Miracle Ball Method (minus the Miracle Balls, obviously) and The Key Muscles of Yoga.

“These balls are great for every imaginable muscle pain in every imaginable part of your body.” – ABC Amsterdam’s Body/Mind/Spirit buyer Jilles on The Miracle Ball Method.

“Pema Chödrön is one of the best teachers when it comes to stillness and awareness.” – Jilles on Pure Meditation.

“This is THE guide to functional anatomy in yoga.” – Jilles on The Key Muscles in Yoga.


Ebook available for The Little Book of Prayers.