You Review: Kaleidoscope

Reviewed by Sophie Knapen

Kaleidoscope was written by several authors and includes 20 Young Adult science fiction and fantasy stories. It’s wonderfully written and you can get attached to the characters even though you only get about twenty pages to do so. You get to read about superheroes, time traveling and loads of other amazing science fiction stories.

For me this was a great book, I could easily just read one story without feeling distracted or bored. It’s like the idea of fairy tales for children, but then with stories that were written for young adults. For example, the first story, “Cookie Cutter Superhero”, is about a girl in high school. She’s been chosen to become America’s most famous superhero, even though half of her arm is gone. It’s not just about science fiction or fantasy, it actually brings a message along with the story.

The second story, called “Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon”, is a beautiful love story about a girl falling in love with a girl, mixed with a fantasy/historical story about a couple falling in love but being separated. 
It goes on like that and you’d think there would be stories similar to the other ones in the book but there’s no story the same, which keeps it interesting and fun. Overall this is a really beautiful book about love, future and history.

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