Goodbye Agnes!

Today marks a very special day: Agnes is retiring.

For the past fifteen years she worked at ABC The Hague.  Like all ABCers, she did many things simultaneously.  She was the buyer for a host of sections, including Psychology, Alternative Therapies, Nutrition & Diet, Living Abroad and Reference.  She took care of all the magazines, from scanning and pricing and putting them up to regularly updating our standing order.  She single-handedly got our Treehut up and running, making sure there were always exhibitions on show as well as courses and workshops.  And she took care of all the Marketing in The Hague.

She is a force of nature, and she will be missed.  She was never really into showing her picture on or here on the blog, so instead I will leave her (and you) with this:

40 Years of ABC Employees!

Goodbye to you from all of us, Agnes, and THANK YOU for everything.  Have a fantastic time filled only with things you love to do.  Please do drop by and see us again from time to time.  🙂

Picture credit: Hannie van Herk.