What We’re Reading

Or, In Which We Discover That Tjeerd Is A Voracious Literary Omnivore.
(Mind you, these are the books we’ve been reading since the previous What We’re Reading 3 weeks ago, but still, he’s currently well ahead in our unofficial Who Will Read The Most Books in 2015 poll.)

Here is New York - E. B. WhiteHe Died with His Eyes Open - Derek RaymondThe Night Gardener - George PelecanosHoneydew: Stories - Edith PearlmanThe Vegetarian - Han Kang

Saul Bellow's Heart - Greg BellowThe Name of the World - Denis JohnsonThe Xenophobe's Guide to the French vN - Madeleine AshbyPrince of Thorns (Broken Empire 1) - Mark Lawrence

Breakfast of Champions - Kurt VonnegutH is for Hawk - Helen MacdonaldThe Ruby Circle (Bloodlines 6) - Richelle MeadAncillary Sword - Ann Leckie

Tjeerd: Here is New York – E.B. White, He Died with his Eyes Open – Derek Raymond (ebook), The Night Gardener – George Pelecanos (ebook), Honeydew: Stories – Edith Pearlman (ebook), The Vegetarian – Han Kang (ebook), Saul Bellow’s Heart: A Son’s Memoir – Greg Bellow, The Name of the World – Denis Johnson (ebook), Reading Chekhov – Janet Malcolm (ebook)

Tom:  Xenophobe’s Guide to the French (ebook).  On account of a recent trip there.

Jouke: vN – Madeline Ashby, Prince of Thorns – Mark Lawrence (ebook)

JeroenW:  I’m rereading Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut (ebook).  “Trout was petrified there on Forty-second Street. It had given him a life not worth living, but I had also given him an iron will to live. This was a common combination on the planet Earth.”

Ester: H is for Hawk – Helen Macdonald (ebook)

Nyjolene: The Ruby Circle – Richelle Mead (ebook)

Sophie: Ancillary Sword – Ann Leckie (ebook).  The Radch Empire is vast, subtle, suspenseful, and thought-provoking, and I love main character Breq.  Sword is a worthy sequel to Ancillary Justice, although I was a teeny bit disappointed that it zagged where I’d hoped it would zig.  Still, can’t wait for the final part in the trilogy, out later this year.  In the meantime I’ll have to content myself with two short stories set in the same universe, Night’s Slow Poison and She Commands Me and I Obey.