You Review: Under Ground – S.L. Grey

Reviewed by Femke de Moor

Under GroundUnder Ground by S.L. Grey is about The Sanctum, deep underground and a luxurious, self-sustaining condominium. When there is a super-flu outbreak and mankind are in danger, a few rich (and paranoid) families move into The Sanctum. Once they’re inside, the doors lock and they cannot go out, unless there’s an emergency. But what if the emergency is a death in the community? Maybe the real threat is not in the outside world, but in the inside.

That, in short is the story of Under Ground, without sharing too many spoilers. I was curious (and maybe a bit scared) to start this book. While I’m a horror movie lover, I’m not a particular fan of horror in books. When I read the back of the book and a name such as Stephen King is mentioned and ‘for the fans of The Descent’ is added, I started to get a bit nervous. Was this really a book for me?

But sadly, it was a book for me. Now I say sadly because I was a bit disappointed. While the story is great, the tension flows through the whole book and I even got a bit claustrophobic, it’s not at all like ‘The Descent’. Yes, it is underground, but it’s not a horror story. It’s a fantastic thriller and if you read it like that, the book is amazing. The ending is surprising and caught me off guard. I thought the story had already ended, but nope, there’s a whopping surprise!

All in all, Under Ground is a great thriller, if you’ve not expected a horror story. I really liked it in the end, especially the ending. The characters feel a little bit flat at times and that makes it slightly difficult to keep reading as the story is somewhat slow at times. You do feel the tension throughout the book and if you keep reading, the second half of the book gets more and more gripping.

An e-book of this title is available.

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