You Review: Solomon Creed – Simon Toyne

Reviewed by Jasmina Suljanovic

solomon creedWhen I saw the advert for another You Review Round for the ABC I was absolutely thrilled. But the choice was not so. The books that I wanted to read and review were already gone, so I had to settle with what was left. Simon Toyne’s book Solomon Creed was one of them. So I opted for it, and guess what…
I had never heard of Simon Toyne, and had no idea what kind of writer he is, nor was I tempted to google him. He wrote the trilogy Sanctus, The Key and The Tower, none of which I had read. To be honest, I had never heard of them, and now I needed to write a review on his latest book, Solomon Creed, great!! It took me at least a month to get myself in the mood to read the book, but I tell you what: a 10 hour train ride from Austria to The Netherlands never was more fun than when I decided to start reading Solomon Creed.

The small town of Redemption in Arizona has it all. Loving and caring citizens, all for one and one for all, but this little town will face all sorts of challenges that will start with a plane crash, from which the only survivor is a guy called Solomon Creed, and none of its citizens will ever be the same. After the crash Solomon loses his memory. Trying to find answers to who he is and what happened, he gets involved in finding out the truth behind the death of one James Coronado. The book is filled with great characters such as Chief Morgan, Tio, Mulchany, Holly Coronado, Cassidy… all of them with their own stories, secrets and dramas. Will Solomon in his pursuit have help from Chief Morgan? Will Mulchany be able to save his father, and will Solomon be able to save the town from the drug mafia?

Solomon Creed is one exciting read, so make your autumn nights thrilling and go for it. You will not regret it.
Solomon Creed: intriguing, moving, dramatic.

There are ebooks of Solomon Creed, and the trilogy Sanctus, The Key and The Tower available.

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