You Review: Here We Lie – Sophie McKenzie

Reviewed by Jennifer Kneijber

herewelieAt first, I was a bit hesitant to start Here We Lie, as I am usually not that big on thrillers. However, I was already familiar with McKenzie’s work and the fact that this was her third adult novel I was intrigued enough to pick this book up. When I started reading it I was pleasantly surprised. However, in the end I found it was a little melodramatic and predictable at times.

Emily is a young woman who couldn’t be happier. Everything seems to be perfect: she’s enjoying a holiday abroad with her much older fiance Jed, his children and her siblings. Until disaster strikes and one of Jed’s children from his previous marriage is found dead. She appears to be poisoned accidentally. However, was it really an accident or was she murdered? After a suspicious message, Emily starts an investigation of her own while her past catches up with her.

The book start off with a flashback, throwing us into the past. Quickly, we fast-forward to present day. It doesn’t take long for the story to be set in motion. One thing I liked about this novel, and which kept me reading, was the pacing. It is paced well, the story twists and turns in several directions and keeps you guessing as you follow Emily. You get involved into the different layers of the story with the use of flashbacks and dairy entries from the different characters. This way it doesn’t drag and it made it entertaining enough to continue reading.

What I didn’t like about this book was that it was a bit melodramatic at times. The plot got a little predictable, especially when you get further into the story. However, it did keep me entertained and I did like it.

Overall, Here We Lie is an entertaining book with plenty of actions, twists and turns to keep the reader compelled.

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