Store Bits: We’re Beautiful, Meetups, Attempted Murder, Cecile’s Writers, and More

A great big THANK YOU to, who declared us to be one of the 5 most beautiful bookstores of The Netherlands.  🙂  We are really happy to be on that list!

ABC Amsterdam


If you are a fan of Meetups, and YA Fiction, come join our newly established group in Amsterdam!  We’re sure moderator Tiemen will help make it a vibrant community – along with all of you, of course.

American Book Center Young Adult Book Club

Amsterdam, NL
14 ABC Book Lovers

Welcome to the American Book Center Young Adult Book Club. Join us for cool events where we talk about YA novels and once in a while you may even get the chance to meet and ta…

Next Meetup

Skype Chat with Patrick Ness, author of The Rest of Us Just …

Thursday, Oct 29, 2015, 3:30 PM
2 Attending

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Our Jilles sent in this picture, with the note “You’ve ordered that book in The Hague before!”.  Erm, yes, yes we did.  In fact, Karen Rose is an ace author.  And sometimes the library buys books from us.  But what are you implying about ABC The Hague, Jilles?  What are you implying?  *deer-in-headlights-look*




Here’s a special request from Samir, who you might remember from his annual contribution to YOUR Favorite Reads, as well as a few You Reviews.

Cecile's Writers logo (sorry for hijacking it, guys!)“I’m part of a writing group based in the Hague (Cecile’s Writers). Some of our members have recently moved to other countries, so we’re looking for some new members who are interested in sharing their writing and joining our group. We’re definitely an informal bunch of experienced writers and editors – and nothing proves it more than each person bringing with them food to share before a meeting 🙂

Some of us are so passionate about writing that we even started a foundation, Stichting Cecile’s Writers, with a literary eZine! And it’s doing well! 

So I was hoping I could entice you to give us a shout out in any way possible through the ABC or online. We’d love to have new writers contact us.”

So there you are.  If you love writing and editing and being part of an eZine, be sure to check out Cecile’s Writers and get in touch with them!  They can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


And, finally, some of my favorite pictures from ABC’s social media of the past week:

Ester reads After You Eschacon Festival logoHalloween Blind Book Dates