This Just In: YA Fiction

This Just In: YA Fiction via Tiemen

Ooooo, just look at those pretty YA titles, all lined up in Amsterdam!  And it didn’t even take that long for Tiemen to organise them, despite their youth.  Here’s what you’re seeing:

*Tiemen says he really enjoyed reading this book, and also reminds you there will be a Skype chat with Patrick Ness on October 29th in the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam.  Tiemen will be there, too.  And if that’s your cup of tea, then be sure to sign up for our brand-new YA Book Club Meetup!

Now, I had just thanked Tiemen for sending in the photo and wouldn’t you know it, with his next message came another three titles that also deserve to be mentioned, even though they didn’t make it onto the picture.  So, here they are, and you are hereby invited to create your own image to go with them 🙂 :