Bookbits for 21 January 2016

First Bookbits of the year!  And of course my resolution, as it is every year, is to do these more often, and then slightly less immense each post.  Perhaps 2016 will be the year it will happen?  *cue helpless laughter*

  • Possession - A. S. ByattAwards!  You saw the Costa category winners earlier in the month already.  This week the shortlists for the National Book Critics Circle Awards were announced, also in various categories: autobiography, biography, criticism, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  Well worth a look.  The Dutch Erasmus Prize, “awarded annually to a person or institution that has made an exceptional contribution to the humanities or the arts, in Europe and beyond”, was awarded to British author A. S. Byatt earlier this week.  Proficiat!
  • Well, we were all rocked by the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, of course.  David Bowie was an avid reader, and shared his 100 favorite books last year with the co-curator of his exhibition in Toronto.
  • Uses of Enchantment - Bruno BettelheimTrying to deal with information overload?  Tell a story.  Or read one.  The Huffington Post has a lovely article on why they need telling.  “[Storytelling] increases receptivity, captures attention, engages emotions, and allows the receiver to participate, cognitively, in the narrative.”
  • Hong Kong booksellers go missing.  That article is from the beginning of January, so I thought to google a bit more, to see if they’d resurfaced yet.  But apparently not; it’s still ongoing and all quite fishy.  Will try to remember to check on this story next Bookbits!
  • And finally: what time is it?  BOOK O’CLOCK! (via

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