A letter from our SciFi/Fantasy buyer

Dear Patrick Rothfuss and all fantasy fans,

It was so great to see so many of you show up last Thursday at the reading and Q&A with the very enthusiastic Patrick Rothfuss at our ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam. The atmosphere was just wonderful and that’s probably why, after reading a short story and answering many questions, Pat was unstoppable, signing books and talking to people so that what was supposed to be a 1,5 hour event… went on for 3,5 hours!!!!!

To give you an indication of who was there: one guy drove all the way from Paris to see Pat and Frank A. Dudley travelled for 2,5 hours from Cologne, Germany, to interview, film and take photo’s of Pat. He had a much better camera than ABC so check out his blog memesisvirtualis.wordpress.com (mostly in German, but also partly in English) for an interview with Pat and some photo’s. He also put some video material on YouTube.

Pat also came back to the Amsterdam store the next day to sign the rest of his books in stock.  If you missed the event there are still some signed copies available (as consolation).  He is truly a great new fantasy author!

Thanks again Annemarie for tipping me about Pat’s trip to Europe.

And to ALL of you: please do let me know when you know of authors coming over and I’ll see what I can do about meeting them at ABC.

Your humble Amsterdam SF/Fantasy buyer