Customize your life!: The Urban Culture Event

Urban Culture goes wide

Since The American Book Center’s Custom Kicks event in 2008 Urban Culture has grown beyond sneakers and street art to catch the attention of art & design admirers, students, stylists, photographers, and the arts & crafts movement.

Breaking out of the passivity of chain-store shopping, the do-it-yourself movement has spread across America, invaded England, and is landing with both feet at the American Book Center in Amsterdam.

Urbanites from all walks of life are trolling the shelves for information on Sneaker Design, the Handmade Movement and Do-It-Yourself books of all kinds.  Why wear a t-shirt sporting someone else’s logo, when you can design your own?  Customized sneakers, t-shirts, and winter scarves: what do they all have in common?  They are made or re-made by an independent artist – or by you!

Creativity is the order of the day – and on June 27th some of the artists and urbanites driving the movement will share their secrets and offer hands-on workshops. Come to The American Book Center’s Urban Culture Event …and get creative!

The Urban Culture Event at ABC Amsterdam, June 27th, 2009

Participating artists/authors:

Laser 3.14: With the publication of his first solo book, Are You Reading Me? Laser claims his place as one of the leading streat artists of our time.

Umbrellart: an Xstreets Collective initiative. Bringing art back to the streets and bringing artists from all over the world together.

Idle Hands: I’d rather be knitting! The new community for people that love fibre crafts: be it knitting, crochet or sewing!

Pia Jan Bijkerk: author, Paris: Made by Hand


Maki: a small design and illustration studio with a big influence! T-shirts, shoes, and books – Maki was the driving force behind ABC’s 2008 Custom Kicks event.

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