Blog For Us!

Sophie and I were thinking today that, since blogging naturally tends towards solipsism, Do You Read Me? has become rather one-sided lately. Much as we love to be paid to chatter away here, we really think we’d like to hear from you for a change. So we’d like you to

write something for us!

Your contributions to the ABC Blog will be richly rewarded with ABC Gift Vouchers and heapings of kudos from the Best Bookstore in the World. (No, sorry, we’re not done crowing about that yet!)

What we’d like you to send us:

Top Fives

Give us a top five list o your choice of theme. How about:  Top Five Books to Read After a Break-Up; Books That Made You Love Reading; Desert Island Books; Books to Make You Think; Best Manga Volumes Ever; Sexiest Books Ever; Books That Changed Your Life; Books To Cheer You Up; Top Five Things You’ve Bought at The ABC that aren’t Books…. or any theme you like. Write a sentence or two about each of your choices.


Write  on any subject as long as you can link it to books or other products we sell. We’re looking for words to move us, entertain us, make us laugh, intrigue us or fascinate us. If you’re passionate about it, write about it; we might just post it and pay you for it too!

Bookstore Soundtracks

What music do you think would belong on the perfect bookstore soundtrack?  Share your love of music and blog about it for us. You can pick a mix of albums or songs, or write about one album that you think is perfect for browsing books to. If we use your submission, we’ll send you an ABC gift voucher!

Shelf Obsession Nominations

It’s a well-known fact that people who love books love to snoop around other people’s bookshelves. If you want to show off your bookshelves for our Shelf Obsession section, send an e-mail to with a photo or photos of your shelves. (Make the format as large as you can please so we can really see your books!)  We’ll get back to you with a list of nosey questions.

Edited on 3/7/2014: please mail instead.  And yes, we would still love these kinds of contributions from you!

A few rules:

  • Send your contribution to Include your postal address and a photograph (or other likeness) of yourself.  Edited on 3/7/2014: again, instead.  🙂
  • Your work should be in English, and of a reasonable standard. It doesn’t need to be perfect – we’ll do some editing where needed.
  • No stealing content from elsewhere.
  • We can’t guarantee that we’ll use your entry, but we’ll do our best to feature as many entries as possible as long as we think they are publishable.
  • We’ll reward each entry with an ABC gift voucher for up to ten euros.
  • The American Book Center reserves the right to re-use your contribution in other publications. But you are also free to use your contribution wherever you like, such as on your own blog.
  • The American Book Center reserves the right to change these rules without notice.