Lit Links: Scrabble!

Today I have a very rare day off from everything.  For 24 delicious hours I can please myself. There will be reading and lounging about, and very probably ice cream. In honor of this rare day,  I shall indulge in a special edition of Lit Links all about one of my favourite American Book Center products: Scrabble!

In my imaginary world where every day is a day off, my living room would be a pristine gallery for this this glorious Scrabble furniture and nobody would drip chocolate milk – or worse – on it.

The tatty, chocolate milk-stained rug in under the coffee table would be replaced with this one.

I would hammer out amazing blog posts on this drool-worthy keyboard.

My wardrobe would be full of these t-shirts.

My kitchen would be stocked with this and this.

This would not happen to me with the alarming frequency that it does now.

I would remember all of the two- and three-letter words and Q-no-U words off the top of my head. And since this is an imaginary world I’ll also have learned all the words in the Official Scrabble Dictionary off by heart and would dare anyone to challenge me. And this too.

Oh and last year, my clandestine no-fuss mini-wedding  would totally have been like this. Swoon!

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