Lit Links: Our irregular round-up of stuff

My ABC co-workers have been sending me various tips and trends, and even invitations to tv-specials!  Here’s the round-up:

returntohundredacrewoodFellow Bloggette Hayley is in a tizzy because she recently found out about an official sequel to A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh called Return to the Hundred Acre Wood by David Benedictus and Mark Burgess.  And the best thing about it is that it’s out next week!

Con Tumely wants to direct your attention to Persephone Books, a publisher of “neglected classics” of last century.  The founder, Nicola Beauman, just published a biography of the writer Elizabeth Taylor, titled The Other Elizabeth Taylor.

Amsterdam Consciousness buyer Femke thinks Eckhart Tolle’s new children’s book called Guardians of Being is blogworthy.  Which in turn reminds me that we still have a ton of his first one, Milton’s Secret, in the New Age section in Den Haag.

Femke also spotted the new Amish Romance trend in the US (despite our very own Bible Belt I haven’t noticed too much interest in these books yet, but perhaps it’s too early to say 🙂 ).

sartorialistSigrid is amazed at how very fast The Sartorialist is disappearing off the shelves in Amsterdam.  It’s the new Big Thing!  Set the trend and get it now; I’ve leafed through it more than once and think it’s a fabulous little book that keeps luring you back with its kooky and inspired fashion pictures.

Sigrid also passes on this invitation from Kunststof TV to be a member of the public on Friday, October 9th, when none other than Jeroen Krabbé and John Irving will be talking about their latest passions and projects (this exhibition in Den Haag and Last Night in Twisted River, respectively).  They’re looking for an audience that speaks and understands both English and Dutch, so if you’re interested sign up by Wednesday October 7th through sending a message to Uyoyo Onemu at