Amsterdam – First Floor

Welcome to the thrill-filled first floor! At the top of The Book Wall stairs, you’ll find the First Floor Info Point where you can ask us for help and advice.  A lot of our time sitting here is spent pointing lost customers to the exits, though on slow days, we like to watch them do a couple of confused circtuits of the Sci-Fi section before we enlighten them.

The long sweep of books curving off to the left and up the ramp is the second level of The Book Wall. It was made to house the Science-Fiction and Fantasy books. Yes, that’s all Sci-Fi & Fantasy! And not even all of it! Along the other side of the ramp is more science fiction: Games Novels, Film and TV Tie-Ins, Anthologies, and New Titles.

If you look up from the Info Point, this is what you’ll see: the overstock shelves on the Second Floor. And sometimes Peter. The balloons are from our Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

Opposite the info point is Mystery & Thriller section which stretches round the corners to the left and right. Abutting that is the Romantic Fiction section. For now anyway. Our floor manager is fond of rearranging things.

One of our most popular sections is Manga. This is the manga section on a quiet day. On a Saturday the shelves are obscured by an impermeable crowd of manga fans. Opposite the Manga section are five cases full of Juvenile Fiction.

Our Children’s Corner is in a little niche next to the Manga section. There are two little windows at floor level that look out into the Begijnhof next door.

Here’s the rest of The Tree that starts on the Ground Floor. If you lean over those railings, you can watch the customers  browsing through the Photography books downstairs.  At the back, in the corner is our secret, hidden first floor cash desk, which is often much quieter than the other two. Nice to know on a busy Saturday!

Off to the left and round the corner are our sections on: Animation, Anime, Crafts and Hobbies, Animals, Gardening, Cooking, and Erotica.

Spui 12 has a long and rather dignified history. Before we moved in, it was home to Ypma, the piano store. ABC’s co-owner Lynn wanted to save a little bit of that history, so she bought a pianola from Ypma and gave it a home on the first floor. If you come to our store on a special occasion, you’re sure to hear it.

The stairs up to the Second Floor are right in the middle of the first floor, near the pianola.